The HappyFeet Story

HappyFeet Founder, Andy Barney, was born in Oxford, England and was raised in a soccer-rich family with two generations rooted in professional soccer. Andy came to the USA and established British Soccer Camps, now called Challenger Sports, the USA's largest camp organization. He went on to spend all of his adult life from 27 years of age and on developing his coaching philosophy that focuses on creating "Brave, Creative, Leadership for Life!" 

HappyFeet originated in 1988 in Kansas City when running coaching sessions for 3, 4, & 5 year old children at a local area indoor soccer center with stories such as "Gus, the Banana Gobbling Gorilla" were created. Later, nursery rhymes and songs such as "Roll, roll, roll the ball" to the tune of "Row, row, row your boat" were added.  Today HappyFeet is operated in over 100 locations both here in the USA and internationally. 

We are proud to know that through our weekend leagues, weekly preschool classes, summer camps, and birthday parties...HappyFeet has introduced the sport of soccer to children in a way we are confident will have a lasting positive impact and hopefully creating brave and creative leaders for life!

HappyFeet has maintained it's high level of excellency by introducing the amazing game of soccer to children the right way...the HappyFeet way! 

HappyFeet Pittsburgh

HappyFeet programs have been running in the greater Pittsburgh area for nearly 10 years.  We follow an age appropriate curriculum to create a positive lasting impact on children looking to begin  organized physical fitness activities and sports.  HappyFeet is a tremendous head start while also building confidence, self-esteem, balance, coordination, and listening skills!  Visit our leagues, classes, and school pages for information on a program near you or contact Ande if you are a school or community location interested in adding us as a weekly or seasonal enrichment provider for your families!   

Meet the Director

Coach Ande has been directing HappyFeet since it came to Pittsburgh 10 years ago.  Ande attended Westminster College and graduated with a major in Elementary Education.  He played four years at WC, leading the President's Athletic Conference in scoring one season and serving as captain of the team for two years en route to 1 conference championship, multiple All-PAC selections, and also one NCAA appearance.  He has over a decade of coaching experience ranging from varsity high school teams, middle school teams, running the Legends Youth Academy at PISA (ages 5-8), futsal, and currently coaches at the Academy level for Beadling (East) Soccer Club.

Far beyond all accolades and recognition, the director of this program has a deep appreciation for the long term development of children in soccer in this community, while continuing to educate, be a positive influence, and give back to the sport that his given him so much.  He resides in the Pittsburgh area with his family.

Flexible schedules and locations combined with a fun, effective curriculum. HappyFeet classes are age specific, fun soccer fitness classes that utilize common children's games, stories and songs to teach soccer skills, improve fitness, develop balance and enhance coordination.   League programs include a small-sided soccer game!