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Increased Safety Measures

Once we return to in person classes and begin our league sessions we will continue to take increased precautions to ensure the safety of our HappyFeeters and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The precautions include but are not limited to the following:

  • All staff is asked to remain home should they feel sick regardless of symptoms to ensure we are not spreading other illness that may cause others to become at risk for further complications should they contract COVID-19.

  • All staff that shows any symptoms of COVID-19 are required to remain out of child care centers and league/class locations for at least 14 days or until a negative COVID-19 test is received.

  • Our "Bob" soccer balls and equipment will be disinfected according to CDC guidelines after each location and session.

  • Coaches will wash hands before entering and leaving a location.

  • Coaches may refrain from high fives and activities that increase the likelihood of spreading disease.

  • We may move to "invisible Stampys" and/or stickers .

  • Coaches will be asked to wear masks until/unless it is not deemed necessary (see below).

  • Parents/Families are encouraged to practice social distancing from the field as well as on the sidelines

These precautions will continue to be updated based on all new information that is shared and recommended by the CDC and our child care and other recreational partners.

Furthermore, while we are not an official affiliation with PA West Soccer, as a soccer program with one of our primary goals being to grow the sport in the Pittsburgh region, we will be closely abiding by the guidelines PA West has put forth which come directly from the CDC.  You can view those here:   

Update, May 21, 2021:​

(From PA West):


Warm weather is finally here. This note is to share that while the current Masking Order issued by the Commonwealth of PA is still effective, the Order does allow participants to unmask if there is a subjective feeling that they are unsafe during play. The Order also permits players to pull down their mask when they are appropriately distanced from others while on the field play. Further, the PA Department of Health revised the Masking Order to permit fully vaccinated adults to coach, referee, and watch without a mask. Adherence to the Masking Order by players and coaches not fully vaccinated in the technical area still applies. For complete info, please visit the Masking Order FAQ on the PA Department of Health web site at Lastly, Governor Wolf has announced the Commonwealth will be lifting Covid-19 restrictions, with the exception of the Masking Order, on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31. The lifting of restrictions means that at a state level, there will be no more capacity limits in place for events, attractions, restaurants or businesses. But noted, the Masking Order will remain in place until the Commonwealth has reached 70% vaccination rate. We encourage each of our clubs to contact their county and local governments to confirm any restrictions that those governing entities may opt to keep in place. One additional item, anyone 12 and older can now receive a vaccination and this will directly impact the safety of the youth and adult players 12 and older.

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